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Should You Use Free Cybersecurity Software-

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23 Jun 2022, 19:31 GMT+10

Cybersecurity is something that is often overlooked by many people. However, in a world where cybercrime is on the rise and no one is safe from cyberattacks, keeping your device secure is more important than ever. Some internet users do realise this, but when it comes to cybersecurity measures they often aren't sure where to start.

Many people overlook cybersecurity because it sounds like such an intricate and complex topic to explore, but in reality, it's incredibly simple. You don't need to have years of experience with computers and smartphones to understand how to keep them secure we'll be putting it into very simple terms down below.

If you're looking for the best cybersecurity tools to ensure that your device and your privacy stay secure, make sure you keep reading. There are some important guidelines to follow when choosing your cybersecurity tools, and you don't want to be overlooking these factors!

Why Cybersecurity is Crucial in 2022

Cybersecurity is something that we've all heard about before. Many people tend to overlook it when it comes to their devices though. People believe that it's a complex subject to learn about, so they just stick their heads in the sand and truly believe that they won't become a victim of a cyberattack.

However, cybersecurity is more important now than it has ever been before, and that's because there has been a massive increase in cybercrime in recent years - more specifically in the past two years. You might be wondering why that is, but there are two very good reasons for it.

Firstly, more and more people are buying devices. Whether it's a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, it's rare to find someone that doesn't have some form of device in this day and age. The majority of people will have a device in their household whether it's for entertainment, work, or simply just to keep in touch with friends and family. The way our modern society works it has become essential to have a device of some sort close to you at all times.

The other reason why there has been a sudden rise in successful cyberattacks is because of the COVID-19 pandemic that caused a global lockdown. With the majority of the world population locked inside their own homes, people had to find ways to keep themselves entertained. Many even had to work remotely from their own homes. This required people to use their devices more often, and with the increase in screen time came more opportunities for cybercriminals to strike.

Many people were unaware of how phishing scams work, what malicious software they might encounter, and even how ransomware could empty their entire bank account, and this meant that cybercriminals were able to take advantage of the people who have overlooked cybersecurity for so many years.

Essential Cybersecurity Tools

If you've got a device, whether it's a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you need to make sure that you have some form of security measures installed on it. There are so many different options to choose from that it can be overwhelming for many people who are looking into cybersecurity tools for the first time.

The first cybersecurity tool that you need to install on your device is

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