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How technology is changing the face of international finance

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15 Sep 2021, 02:33 GMT+10

Technology is at the forefront of practically every industry in the world. From automation to web design, art to high fashion, the latest technical innovations are helping to drive the business forward and increase revenue. The international finance sector is no different. Recent research shows that banks and private investors are increasingly looking at technology to help streamline their practices and get the most out of the market. This article breaks down some of the key areas that technology is helping to change in international finance and offers some conclusions about where the industry will go next.

Greater integration

Technology is helping banks to bring together their internal and external operations and encourage greater interaction between them. By bringing in efficient software and automated processes, financial institutions can work far faster than before while ensuring all of the necessary data is collected from different departments. This allows for a speedier workflow across teams, cutting down on the amount of time it takes to complete projects.

Greater security

A potentially bigger benefit of technological advancements is that they can help financial institutions to establish greater security. Greater integration between departments means the information produced by one team can be easily accessed and utilized by other teams, offering more protection against potential threats. Financial companies using workflow managers like Azure need to ensure their data is never compromised. Using recent innovations, like an Azure devops security platform, has helped tremendously in this regard.

Better customer relations

Better integration and security aren't the only benefits of technology - it's also helping international finance companies to improve their customer relations. Thanks to automation and efficient software, banks and other financial institutions can provide a vast amount of information about clients' accounts in real-time - often charging them less money as a result.

This means that customers can get a better understanding of their accounts and know exactly where they stand financially. In turn, these improved relations will help drive up customer numbers and make financial companies more profitable in the long term.

Greater transparency

Automation and software can offer financial institutions a greater amount of transparency when it comes to working with clients. That means they can save money and still offer clients exactly what they need.

It also helps international finance companies to differentiate their value in the face of new competition from banks operating online using more traditional methods.

More equality

Finally, technology is helping to level the playing field in international finance. In recent years, more and more banks have been adding their services to different markets at a rapid rate. In many instances, they've been able to do so due to time-saving technology that helps them work faster and be more effective. At the same time, smaller businesses have been able to compete with larger rivals by using online-only products as well. In the long term, that will help create a more level playing field across different financial institutions and encourage greater competition - thereby helping to improve overall standards in international finance.


It's clear that technology is having a huge impact on the international finance sector. By bringing together internal and external operations, eradicating security threats, and improving customer relations, financial companies are finding it easier than ever before to streamline their workflow and get the most out of their business.

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