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Tips For Choosing Area Rug For Bedroom

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If you plan to buy an area rug for your bedroom, but you still don't know what aspects of caring about. So, this post will help you out.

We all agree that stepping on the cold bedroom floor is truly an irritating feeling in the morning. Hence, placing an area rug on the floor is an optimal choice for bringing the utmost comfort to your bedroom.

However, selecting a rug for the bedroom is not a simple task. If you select an improper rug, it even can create an adverse effect against your demand. Therefore, to assist you in choosing the best area rugs for bedroom, we would like to share some useful tips.

Now, let's go straight to the first factor to notice.

#1 The Rug Size Must Fit The Bed Size

Usually, people are keen on placing a rug right under the bed as a decoration or creating a cozy vibe. Thus, we would like to give you a converting table of rug size into bed size so that you can buy a rug that excellently match the space under your bed:

Rug size

Bed size

5' x 8'


6' x 9'


8' x 10'


9' x 12'


For a small bedroom, you should place the rug exactly under the legs of your footboard because the space for furniture is limited. Honestly, in a small bedroom, you should utilize runner rugs for the end of the bed or lateral sides of it. The reason is that the runner rugs are affordable, and you don't have to pay extra money for the part is always concealed by the bed.

With a large bedroom, you will have more options to opt for, varying in size, color, and shapes.

#2 Choosing A Rug Style You Want

The bedroom is the most private space for anyone. It is not only the place where we relax after a hard-working day, but it can also be an expression for your own style. What's more, a bedroom is not a place of high foot traffic, and we suggest that you use comfortable and luxurious rugs instead of overly practical rugs that are used for the dining room or living room.

Don't hesitate to spend quite a lot of money on a bedroom area rug because your private space should be fulfilled with high-grade and well-made stuff.

If you tend to buy a rug for your large bedroom, it should go with neutral colors and patterns. Besides, you can take reference from the overall theme of bedroom furniture. When you decorate your bedroom with a solid color, you should buy a rug with a correlated tone mixed with some lively patterns.

With a smaller bedroom, the bold rugs are recommended. Additionally, you should place rugs with stripe patterns so that your room can look more spacious. What's more, if you hang many colorful pictures or photographs on the wall, you ought to apply a solid wool rug with a low pile.

If you are struggling to find area rugs of various materials, sizes, shapes, and patterns, go to the Inhouse Carpet to pick one. This is such a legit website that will provide you with thorough rugs reviews so that you can purchase a rug for your bedroom with ease.

#3 Material Is Another Crucial Factor To Notice

There are many materials that are used to manufacture a rug. Yet, standing on the top is the sisal rugs, which are the most well-built type of rug. The reason is that this rug is made from coarse natural fiber. The 100% natural material is the factor that creates the value of this rug.

If you have pets and you let them sleep in your bedroom, we advise you to avoid using silk and viscose rugs. Despite having an aesthetic and shimmer outlook, these rugs can withstand the claws of pets. Hence, they can easily wear out after a short period of time.

The most common material for making rugs is polypropylene. These types of rugs are well-known for their durability, simple maintenance, and easy cleaning. Moreover, the polypropylene rugs can be placed without a rug pad because it is not likely to trip or slip.

In the event you have an open bedroom which gets a lot of direct sunlight, you need to prevent your rugs from being affected by sunlight. However, if you want your bedroom to get natural light and still keep your rugs, we recommend that you use polyester, cotton, and nylon rugs. The reason is that rugs made from these materials are inexpensive, so you can easily remove them when they tear.

#4 Get The Rug First, Then Choose Other Furniture

This tip is for people who have moved to a new house or redecorated their bedroom. When you think of buying a rug for your new bedroom, you should immediately get it before considering whether it will match other decorations or not.

In fact, a perfectly suitable rug for your bedroom will match any furniture, and it can combine every style together. Therefore, you should buy a rug first and then purchase other elements that suit the style of the rug. It will take you months if you insist on purchasing the rug as the last decoration of your bedroom.

#5 A Rug Pad Is Needed

The last thing that comes to your mind when you have the intention of buying a rug should be getting a rug pad. An unsteady rug may cause some accidents because it is slippy. As a result, you should place a rug pad under your area rug for the sake of you and your family's safety.

If your budget doesn't allow you to buy a rug pad, you should choose a slip-resistant rug.

Bottom Lines

We have given you some tips on choosing an area rug for your bedroom. We hope that our post will help you to choose a perfect rug that can meet your need and suit every existing furniture in your bedroom. If you find our post useful, keep following to support our website.

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