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The Different Types of Yellow Sapphire and Its Strength

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The alluring beauty of yellow sapphire or Pukhraj comes with enduring strength and unique metaphysical properties. This gemstone bestows wisdom, intuition, and good fortune on its possessors. In recent years, it has propelled into popularity due to its charm and vibration patterns that bring immense yellow sapphire benefits.

Though the markets are flooded with heat-treated and irradiated gemstones, you can find genuine and pure yellow sapphire online at a reputed store. Here, you need to ascertain the quality factors and the right type of gemstone before spending your money.

Classification According to Color

Many gemologists believe that yellow sapphire has only one type historically. However, recent studies indicate that this gemstone can change its color under different conditions and it can be classified as per these varying color centers. You can classify them under these types:

Type 1 Yellow Sapphire

According to GIA, yellow sapphires with color variations from pale yellow to orange can be classified as type 1 stone if it has a stable color center as well. It implies that the gemstone retains its natural color under any type of lighting. Yellow sapphires mined in Sri Lanka fall under this category.

Type-2 Yellow Sapphire

With the color ranging from pale yellow to deep orange and a light fading color center, yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone resulting from the process of irradiation come under this category. These stones may be colored naturally but lose their hues under light exposure. Though their color can be restored with irradiation, it can fade again when exposed to lights.

Type-3 Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires that are pale yellow to orange in color with significant presence of iron in their composition are placed in this classification. The color of these gemstones is caused by iron elements along with other compounds found in small quantities. Their color is stable to varying lights. Typically, yellow sapphire from Australia, Tanzania, and Thailand come under this category.

Type-4 Yellow Sapphire

When yellow sapphires containing traces of iron are heated, they can change their color from yellow to deep orange brown. Such gemstones are type-4 yellow sapphires also known for their color stability.

Type-5 Yellow Sapphire

The stones having color variations from yellow to deep orange-brown are type-5 yellow sapphires. They contain iron or nickel in the surface layer of the gemstone. With the right lab process, impurities in the stone are diffused under high temperatures. Though they have stable color, the thin-colored layers can be affected while re-cutting the stone.

Type-6 Yellow Sapphire

Under this classification, you can find synthetic yellow sapphires having nickel and other elements added after heat treatment. Their colors are usually stable to light but the stones lack the original properties of pure yellow sapphire.

Type-7 Yellow Sapphire

The yellow sapphire stone having their color improved by irradiation comes under this type. Since the stones are synthetic and have less color stability, they may fade to colorless under lights.

Classification According to Origin

For many years, Pukhraj stone has been mined in countries like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Burma, and Zimbabwe. However, many new sources have surged into popularity in the past few years. They include Madagascar as an important source of gem quality yellow sapphires.

Since the source of origin has a great impact on color, clarity, and metaphysical properties of a gemstone, you can identify them according to this factor as well. Here's how:

Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire

The mining of yellow sapphire in Sri Lanka or Ceylon goes back to many centuries. The island carries a rich heritage of gemstone mining for over 2000 years. It is the leading producer of blue and yellow sapphire apart from the legendary and rare padparadscha sapphires.

The high-quality yellow sapphires found in this country are known for their ability to attract wealth and financial abundance to the life of their possessors. These stones can be used to focus the mind and reduce tension. It also helps you to embrace the beauty around you. However, refrain from buying cheap quality stones sold by fake sellers claiming them to be Sri Lankan yellow sapphire.

Burmese Yellow Sapphire

Burma or today's Myanmar is also an important source of yellow sapphire gemstone. Although the stones from this origin were not specifically appreciated for their quality in the early parts of the century, they surged into popularity due to their superior color saturation.

Like any other type of gemstone, yellow sapphires from Burma are also identified on the basis of their color and clarity. If you choose the right stone, it can bring all the astrological benefits and strength of yellow sapphire to your life. It can boost vitality and physical energy while flushing out toxins from your body. Yellow sapphire in its natural form is a vivacious gemstone, especially when it comes from authentic sources like Burma and Ceylon.

Madagascar Yellow Sapphire

Being the latest sources of yellow sapphire, Madagascar is also trying to cope with the growing demands for this gemstone. However, yellow sapphires mined in Madagascar are not high on the quality features. They lack the color concentration and clarity of Sri Lankan or Burmese yellow sapphires.

The inclusions are high in these stones. Hence, they fetch lower Pukhraj stone price in the international markets. You can buy such stones for aesthetic purposes but remember that they do not carry the metaphysical properties of original yellow sapphire mined in other authentic sources.

Despite all these classifications, yellow sapphires carry the natural strength innate to high-quality precious gemstones. It can aid in the development of your will power and concentration to overcome any obstacle in life. When you choose an authentic stone with high-quality parameters, it can bring the desired results to your life.

However, selection of the right stone can be tricky. You have to consider the color, clarity, cut, and weight in carat as potential factors. Since origin also affects their cosmic and healing powers, you should keep them in mind as well.

Buying the stone from reputed sellers like Gempundit makes a lot of sense in this regard. These sellers not only deal in authentic stones sourced from the best places but also ensure complete quality checks at various levels. This includes a free lab certification and detailed cataloging of the stone. Spend your money wisely by choosing a reputed seller only.

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