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Tooth - The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Toothbrush

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10 Sep 2019, 04:40 GMT+10

Eco Tooth are pleased to announce the launch of our Kickstarter crowdfundingcampaign for Tooth; the first eco-friendly toothbrush with a changeable biodegradablehead that is delivered to your door.

Tooth-s handle is made from 100% recycled aluminum, the replaceable head isbiodegradable, and all the packaging is recyclable. Through thorough, intensiveresearch and a series of the survey, it became clear for us to reconsider all the currentfunctionalities of the everyday toothbrush. Going from; single-use to more durableand sustainable design, as well as incorporating a modern look into the whole package,Tooth emanated from a team of eco-conscious individuals. Dean, (Dietitian) said:"Finally someone is automating another element of my busy lifestyle"

Research has revealed that 98% of toothbrushes are not biodegradable; theirmanufacturing processes are unsustainable and toxic. Not to mention that plasticcauses severe threats to the planets' wildlife and the fact that it doesn't go away, itsimply breaks down into microplastic particles.

We want to give people the power to change the world each time they brush their teeth,positively impacting the environment as well as their lifestyles. We are simply re-designing a simple everyday object into something much more sustainable. Tooth'sexceptional design, allows you to change your brush as many times as you needwithout harming the planet. The ergonomic design of Tooth's handle allows it to fitcomfortably in your hand while brushing your teeth. It also comes in four differentcolours and are available in different bristles strengths. It is also worthy of note thatthere is a lifetime guarantee once you are subscribed.

Furthermore, we offer Accessories that simplifies your daily routine like;

? Tooth.Stand that is made from recycled stainless steel which keeps yourtoothbrush cleaned and aired.

? Tooth.Travel; this travel case is made from 100% recycled BPA freeplastic, it is machine washable, inside the case you have three slots tostore your biodegradable heads and the case comes with a recycledmagnet that allows you to attach Tooth.Stand, bringing your eco friendlytoothbrush kit everywhere you go.

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign and we need your kind and generoussupport. Donations to this project will be going into the injection molding tools which isthe biggest investment in making eco-toothbrushes a reality. Three tools are needed intotal, one for Tooth's head, one for the outer part of the Tooth.Travel and one for theinner part of the Tooth.Travel. After setting up the manufacturing process we will needto purchase various recycled raw materials as well as covering the cost ofmanufacturing partners operations to produce the first ever batch of Tooth. Lastly, thefundings will contribute to setting up the subscription service and online shop, enablingus to provide an easy oral care lifestyle to all. For that, we must set up an e-commerceplatform and partner with the right logistics company to ensure our Tooth products getdelivered on time.

Beyond making a monetary contribution, we believe that by backing our Campaign onKickstarter and sharing this good news on your various social media platforms, we willreach our goal in no time.

Feel free to check our Campaign page at:

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